Tami Link is a Yoga and Pilates Instructor and certified in mindfulness-based yoga therapy for eating disorders.  Tami’s love of movement began in college in 1998 when she discovered Yoga. In the years following, chronic pain made all movement painful. She suspended her career as a massage therapist and pursued a path to find healing. She finally found relief through Pilates and corrective exercise. She went on to study and obtain certifications in Yoga, Pilates, and Corrective Exercise and has been teaching since 2006. Tami has extensive training and practice in;  yoga, massage therapy, pilates, and corrective exercise and weaves all of them together to create her unique movement classes. With a background and ongoing study of anatomy and biomechanics, she designs her classes to honor the natural design of the human body to achieve functional strength, flexibility and balance for wellness. Along with aligning the body, Tami’s classes also focus on aligning the mind, heart, soul and spirit for a holistic sense of living, moving and being.

Tami’s hope in teaching movement practices is to renew your joy of moving and inspire you to support your body in a way that enables you to pursue what is meaningful in life. Tami wants to help you cultivate and restore a healthy connection and relationship with your body. She is passionate about teaching movement that can be playful, supportive, and honoring to the body, mind, heart and soul.

“I very much value the sciences of the human body and have learned much from my studies. I also value the wisdom we come wired with to know what we individually need to be healthy and whole. One of my favorite things about teaching movement is the space it creates for us to become more present as we breathe and move and feel. This presence helps us tune into the messages our body is giving us about what it needs, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. In this space we enhance our ability to observe whatever is in the present moment and choose a response that serves us and others well. ”