Paige Traw, RDN earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Arizona State University. Here, she acquired the skills to employ evidenced-based nutrition research and health promotion information to help clients make confident and empowered choices involving food. For the past four years, Paige has mobilized her passion for nutritional sciences by whole-heartedly serving as a Diet Technician, Registered and as a Registered Dietitian in the eating disorder setting. Paige has a strong desire for continuous learning and a passion for helping others make confident decisions with food, whether it is cooking in the kitchen or ordering a meal at a restaurant. Paige enjoys helping her clients mend their relationships with food via goal-setting, food exposure and by providing evidenced-based nutrition education in both the individual and group settings. Paige utilizes an individualized approach for each one of her clients as she believes that everyone’s journey of recovery looks different.

Paige has experience working with both adults and adolescents in the treatment of eating disorders. She has provided individual nutrition counseling and group nutrition lectures in the Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient levels of care. Paige’s approach is firm yet compassionate. She hopes to inspire others by making a positive difference in the lives of every individual whom she is privileged to work alongside.

Paige is an Arizona native.


Patient Testimonials:

“Paige’s warm, understanding approach helps me feel validated in the midst of food anxiety. She listens as much as she counsels, which allows her to meet me where I Am on any given day. With Paige’s guidance I have been able to move away from my eating disorder and toward freedom. I truly feel that I have an ally in my fight.” -CS

“Paige’s approach has really helped me to feel like I can be real and honest. She meets me where I’m at and I can tell she really cares about me. Her unique approach has made me feel comfortable sharing my fears knowing that she will help me through it. She has a personal way of helping that provides healing in a safe and comfortable way.” – CC

“I love that Paige works to develop relationships with each client, recognizing individual needs, and working patiently to aid in the recovery process. It is obvious that she cares for each client. Her unique, empathetic approach helps cultivate a supportive and encouraging environment.” -EJ

“Paige views patients as individuals, and she works with me to develop a personalized plan to explore creative ways to meet my needs.  She confronts me about my behaviors and rituals but she provides me with a supportive behavior-shaping experience during meals and outings.  Paige is helping me to develop a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food.” – TW