Liberation Center was built on 3 simple sustaining principles:


This is what sets us apart from our competitors.


With our years of collective experience of working in acute inpatient and residential settings, we noticed some patterns:

1) Patients did well when they were separated from their home environment for an extended period of time. However, they frequently returned to their behaviors when they returned to the stress of their ‘real life’ .

2) The inpatient treatment approach worked well for most ‘typical’ eating disorder patients, but it frequently failed to meet the needs of patients with unique presentations or backgrounds.

3) The transition to large corporately owned treatment centers was changing the focus of treatment away from personalized patient-centered care.

Armed with compassion, authenticity and eating disorder expertise, we felt that we could provide a better treatment experience for patients. Liberation Center is dedicated to doing just that by making sure that each patient has their unique needs heard and receives the treatment they deserve.

Patients seek out treatment at Liberation Center when they:

  • want to explore options other than inpatient care,
  • have struggled to maintain recovery in the past,
  • find that a lower level of care is not enough support,
  • need more assistance transitioning to ‘real’ life,
  • desire opportunities to apply practical life skills,
  • want to get intensive care and be able to stay at home .

For these and so many other reasons, patients have been thrilled that Liberation Center offers a unique treatment option.  They can get all of the support of daily meals and therapy but still have the freedom to go home on the evenings and weekends to practice the skills they have learned.

Additionally, our central location affords an opportunity for family members and loved ones to be more intimately involved in supporting the recovery process.

Practical Life Skills Development

We are passionate about cultivating practical life skills to ensure that you can return to your life and enjoy lasting recovery.

Liberation Center’s Eating Disorder Programs  are centrally located in downtown Phoenix. Our convenient urban location allows us to provide countless opportunities to integrate into the community while receiving ongoing therapeutic support and encouragement.

Social and Therapeutic Outings

  • unique-3Exposure to diverse restaurants
  • Close proximity to cultural activities including: art galleries, museums, theatre, opera
  • Clothes shopping experientials
  • Paint party outings
  • Grocery shopping


Tranquil Environment

Liberation Center is an urban oasis in the heart of the city. The welcoming therapeutic environment immediately makes you feel safe and relaxed.

“I’ve been to several treatment facilities and Liberation Center was definitely the best I have ever attended. The staff is kind and caring and willing to meet each individual wherever they are in their journey.”



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